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Practicing Tips

Practicing Tips:

1: Smart practicing begins with a thoughtful mind. Set aside special time each day to allow for both maintenance and growth in your practice session. It can be in the morning, afternoon or night. What's most important is to find the time where you feel ready and excited to spend quality time with your trumpet even if its a short session. Remember that playing trumpet well requires an alert and attentive mind, aerobic skills, and patience to work with yourself reflectively. Learn about your own biorhythms so you will discover the times when you have your best energy and concentration to use creatively.

2: Make your practice space/room conducive to concentration and focus. A clean, well lit, spacious, and quiet place free of distractions will help you concentrate better and have a more productive practice session. Whenever possible, find a large room where you can play out freely and comfortably and listen to your reflected sound for good feedback.

3: Musical variety is healthy. Try to cover most/all the aspects of playing in your daily practice routine. This can be low notes and high notes. Long tones and fast notes. Tonguing and slurring. Loud and soft playing. Lyrical studies and technical etudes. Touching upon all of these aspects of playing helps keep them fresh in your playing. Setting aside time for new music and challenges (small and large) is a great way to grow and improve yourself through self challenging.

These are just a few small tips I offer my students to help them create a positive ambiance and a productive and efficient practice session. For my advancing students I have many additional tips and ideas to help them excel as trumpeters and and also enjoy their practice time.   


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