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Welcome to StopRod.com, your online source for custom made stoprods designed to fit your Bach Stradivarius Trumpet/Cornet in Bb and the family of small bore soprano Bach Stradivarius Trumpets in D/Eb, F, and G.

My Stop Rods are beautifully hand machined from solid brass stock at my shop in Massachusetts, and are available in both standard and custom lengths. Finishes include: plain brass, silverplate, and goldplate.

  My standard or (full length) "Pedal F" Stop Rod allows a performer to extend his range by a full 1/2 step to reach a beautiful, in-tune, ultra-low "Pedal F" note quickly, easily, and safely without fiddling with the third slide endpiece or extending the first valve slide.

A "Pedal F" note is required in Strauss' "Ein Heldenleben", Bizet's "Carmen", Mahler's "5th Symphony", and other masterpieces originally written for Trumpet/Cornet parts pitched in low "A", "G", "F", "E", and "Eb".
  My Pedal F Stop Rods are simple, elegant, and beautiful in design. They come equipped with a locking stopnut and spare nut, 5 o ring bumpers to adjust intonation/reduce noise, an allen wrench and instructions for quick and easy home installation.

My "Pedal F" Stop Rods have been purchased by trumpeters in the San Antonio Symphony, The Sydney Symphony (Australia), The Cape Ann Symphony, Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra, The Thayer Symphony, The United States Navy, and many other ensembles and fine performers throughout the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.
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