"Breathing New Life into Classic Instruments"

 Bach Stradivarius® Chicago C Trumpet 



Professional Model.

Professional  Model 229* 

Lightweight Weight Yellow Brass Bell.

Standard weight Body

Lead pipe: Custom installed 25H. This leadpipe improves and already great horn. Compared to the standard leadpipe (included should the new owner wish to reinstall it) the 25H "Herseth" pipe gives a bigger, broader, fuller sound with a freer high range

Valve Casings: One piece leak proof solid brass casings for durability.

Bore:  CL (.462) Large bore for professional and advanced players with good air support.

Overall Condition: Excellent! This was one of my two primary Bach trumpets I used for several years as Principal Trumpet of the Cape Ann Symphony and other orchestras. It is a wonderful playing Strad and a great choice for a principal player who wants the classic Chicago sound. The response is excellent, intonation is great, and it is very nimble. This horn was just hand cleaned and polished. It has been lovingly cared for and has only one tiny ping on the bell.

Tone: Big, rich, classic Chicago C sound. It projects very well.

Finish: Silver Plate 98% intact.

Serial Number: 666886 (2008) This is a professionally crafted horn.

Valves: Fast and Smooth with excellent compression.

Slides: All are free and move smoothly. 

Additional Options/Features:

*Bach third slide water key ($125 upgrade)

*Bach 25H Leadpipe installed  ($250 upgrade)

*Bach Gold Trim kit installed  with Abalone Finger Buttons ($275 upgrade)

*Great condition Bach Double included (or $150 credit).

Save a thousand dollars over a new Chicago C's  with the same features.

Warranty: Full 14 day trial period. Satisfaction guaranteed! "Breathing new life into classic instruments."  

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